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We offer two kinds of camps: Python coding, and various Minecraft-based camps. We offer an introductory Python course for those with no coding experience or block-based coding experience, and a more advanced course for those who have mastered basic Python syntax and want to challenge their problem-solving abilities.  In Minecraft, we offer worlds for building, redstone design, basic scripting, game design, and survival gameplay.

The Python courses are aimed at middle school to early high school- the projected range is grades 6-9 for the intro course, and 8-10 for the advanced course, although exceptions can always be made.  Contact us if you have any questions about enrollment.  The Minecraft camps are for kids from grades 2 to 8.

Not sure which Python class you should enroll in?  Here's a quick quiz: do you know about printing to the console, taking input from the user, conditionals, "while" and "for" loops, arrays, methods, and the agonies of Syntax Errors?  If so, you're probably ready for the advanced class.  If not, stick with the intro class for now.   

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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